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Broken To Be Made Whole




Broken to Be Made Whole

by Veltareen Tulloch-Robinson

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"Congratulations to my sister and my friend! Your life story and testimony have shown us all that this life we have been given is a gift from God and we should not take it for granted. We all truly need the kind of faith and trust in God that you have portrayed and lived through your ordeal. Your testimony has given me a new outlook on faith and trust in God. Many people talk about trusting God and having faith, but you have lived your trust and the faith you talk about in the God you serve. I believe that everyone who reads Broken to be Made Whole will be encouraged in their walk of faith and will find strength through the telling of your story." Patricia Ennis Gospel Artist, Radio Personality, and Friend Sometimes God allows situations and circumstances to turn our lives upside down so that we can really learn how to live and become whole in and through Him. My prayer is that as people read about the circumstances of my life, they will realize that God's love and providence is a reality. What God did for me He will surely do for you! Veltareen Tulloch-Robinson Veltareen Tulloch-Robinson was born of Allan and Clarice Tulloch in Kingston, Jamaica W.I. in January, 1955. She currently has residences in Brooklyn, New York. Her hobbies are reading and helping others, most of all assisting in the work of God. She is a nurse by trade, but is currently recuperating from her injuries as she continues to receive physical and occupational therapy.




















Broken to Be Made Whole Veltareen Tulloch-Robinson

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Veltareen Tulloch-Robinson


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